Emergency Savings = 6 Months of Living Expenses

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I want my emergency savings to last me at least 6 months of living expenses if I lose my job or am unable to work. I calculated it by adding my rent, eating. and living expenses. Of course if I do lose my job, I will cut down on living expenses, but I wanted to have some sort of buffer to give me more room to breathe. My Emergency Savings or I sometimes like to call it my Rainy Day Fund. I calculated it this way: I took my recurring expenses which I calculated earlier and multiplied it by 6 months. This gave me a total of $8,078.58. Then I gave it a bit of a buffer in case of unexpected expenses and just rounded it up to $10,000. That should give me more than enough buffer. Who knows what can happen. Getting new tires, for example, can run more than $500 and that is a possibility so I figured that around $2k of room to breathe will make me feel better. My current emergency savings is at: $6,500. I am $3,500 short of hitting my goal. I plan to hit $10,000 by the end of this year: Dec. 31, 2010. That gives me 3 months to save about $1,166 a month. Updates will be up soon. How much are you saving for your Emergency Savings (aka Rainy Day...

Recurring Expenses

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Here are my recurring monthly expenses: (Groceries and Gas are estimates and the groceries estimate does not include dining out) Rent: $800 Groceries: ~$200 Gas: ~$200 Cable Internet: $19.99 Phone Bill: $46.49 Server: $49.95 Electric: ~$30 —————— Total $1346.43