About Slow Millionaire

Everybody is trying to get rich quick. My journal to become a millionaire will be a long arduous journey, and there will be definitely pain, sweat, tears, and blood involved. I know this is part of the process and I accept it. It is about the day-to-day actions that are taken which result in the outcome I am seeking. Becoming a millionaire won’t happen overnight, instead it will happen through the compounding of actions and steps that I have taken each and every day. One day I’ll wake up and realize I’ve hit my goal. It may be a year from now and maybe even 7 years from now – either way, I will reach it. Included in my millionaire goal will be plain and simple my liquid assets. If I choose to buy a home in the near future, I will decide whether or not to count that in my total net worth. Cars, merchandise, or other items which depreciate are never counted.

I encourage you to join me in the process and set on your own journey to become a millionaire. Engage in conversations and let me know what you are doing to reach your goals. Together we can succeed.

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